Adventus Education is a new kind of education advice service established, managed and operated by a group of leading international education professionals and backed by investment from educators. We place the needs of our valued stakeholders; students, parents, sponsors, local education providers and our international institutional partners, at the centre of all we do. By doing this we maximize the high quality study opportunities available for students whilst ensuring our institutional clients enrol students that are the best fit for their institutions.


We put your interest at the center of everything we do. Your priorities are our priorities!


At Adventus we pride ourselves on giving students the best possible advice on the education choices available.


For quality education providers who wish to recruit in the countries Adventus operates in, we can help you.


Adventus Education is one of the world’s leading education advisory services.


We have partnered with more than
250 international Universities and
colleges in USA, Canada, UK, Europe,
Australia, New Zealand & Malaysia.

We’ll Find Your Destination

At Adventus we pride ourselves on
giving students the best possible
advice on the education choices

Student VISA Guidance

Our team of experts will be with you
at every step, guiding you with the
best possible options to achieve your
goals, dreams and aspirations.


Chris Price

Chief Executive Officer Highly qualified international educationist & a Digital Marketeer with 20 years of experience in lecturing and recruiting students for higher education in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia & Netherlands

I AM the CEO of Adventus Education, an international owned and managed, student advice service and education project management company. We represent hundreds of high quality, top ranking and flexible international education providers, facilitating their interactions with the Sri Lankan market.

Whilst we have only been established in Sri Lanka for five years, our collective decades of international education experience and excellent local staff has meant that we have had unparalleled growth as a unique education services provider in Sri Lanka.

In this a short spell of time, we have embarked on numerous exciting projects, to build an excellent service providing expert advice, preparation and guidance to students, parents and sponsors, as well as consultation and advice services to local organizations, scholarships and rewarding partnering arrangements with international universities.

We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain ethical and sustainable in our dealings with employees, students, parents, education partners and sponsors.


  • Free Advice Services - Our team of expert counsellors will be with you at every step, guiding you with the best possible options to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.
  • World Class Education - We have the widest range of international study destination partners. These quality universities and colleges offer state of art facilities, leading academic provision and programmes leading to excellent international study opportunities.
  • Funding Partnerships - Building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our partner institutions is the gateway to enjoy the widest access to scholarships and bursaries.
  • Study Pathways - Working directly with international education professionals allows us to select the best study route that accommodates your academic requirements and career prospects.
  • A rapidly Growing Network - Our alliances with over 250 universities and colleges, and partnership with more than 50 sponsors and links with hundreds of local and international institutions opens abundant opportunities for all
  • Hassle Free - - We ensure your journey is as trouble-free as possible. We help you throughout the entire process from the course, destination & institution selection, short-listing study providers, application filing and visa assistance until the moment you set foot into your university or college of choice
  • Excellent Career Opportunities - Quality education pathways offered via Adventus allows you the chance to get a firm foothold in the corporate world, opening doors to your dream career. We will also advise you to help maximize the opportunity for Post Study Work (PSW) opportunities in your destination countries
  • Resources & Expertise - - Being a leading international advisory education service provider, we can combine our expertise built through years of working in universities and colleges. With the infrastructure, we can access our partner institutions to provide your organization with the best partnering possibilities.



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